Filming at Piazza

Posted on September 9, 2009


Finally, an update on One Size Fits All! It took some time. Mea culpa.

Since our arrival on the 29th of August, Addis has been great for us. We spent some time at the Holiday Hotel on Haile Gebrselassie Road. Then, after a long afternoon of house shopping, we found the perfect place to rent: in the Bole area, near Mozambique Embassy (for those who know Addis: go up the EU Road next to Novis on Bole Road, turn right, turn left, voila!).

The filming then. We started with a visit to Zeleman Productions and some more research. Our great researching crew member Blen drove us around Addis and introduced us to a great variety of people, with shoe stories to tell.

There’s Dagim the shopkeeper, there’s Bethlehem, director of fairtrade shoe producer SoleRebels, and there is an enormous amount of shoe shine boys… Don’t worry. You’ll all meet them on the screen.

Yesterday (7th of September) it was filming time. Day One of Joost’s extensive shooting schedule. Location: Piazza. Our new crew member and translator/driver Mike drove Joost and camera(wo)man Daphne up (false flat) Churchill Avenue to the busy Italian founded neighbourhood.

They spent their day filming in a shoe shop/ factory, fooled around with some kids (check out the video!) and caught the panorama from the terras of Churchill View. This is what Joost calls a ‘succesful and productive’ day. Without a doubt, it was.

Today is Day Two. And it’s a group of bright and perky shoe shine boys around Bole that we bother with our camera and microphone. More about that later. Keep checking out the One Size Fits All website for the latest news from the filmset!