Jeffrey Wright to play Meles Zenawi?

Posted on October 13, 2009


JeffreyMelespicaIt is time for a free consult to Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood or maybe Ė in the near or far future – Bolewood film makers.

Editorís note: For those of you who have never been to Addis (why havenít you?): Bole is the posh part of town. Thatís why Ethiopiaís film industry should be called Bolewood. Credits go to the owner of a photo shop with the same name in Getu Building.

If you would want to make a feature length movie about the Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi, letís say, after he steps down in five years and becomes a high official in the United Nations (Why? Because he is BFF with Tony Blair and Bill Clinton), you donít have to go to a lot of trouble finding the right actor. No auditions needed. Jeffrey Wright is your man!

Just watch the guy in Syriana (2004). The soft voice, the calm way of speaking, the eyes that can killÖ Even the looks are almost perfect. Wright only has to get a little bit bolder (no problem, time will do the job), get himself a nice Ethiopian accent (idem, he played Winston, the Ethiopian neighbour of Bill Murray in Broken Flowers, a film full of nice Ethiopique music) and heís ready to go!

So, there is your free advice. If the time is there, contact me for the storyboard.