One Size Fits All: Looking for a translator (m/v)

Posted on October 29, 2009


OSFA_014After a succesful month of shooting in Addis Ababa, the editing of documentary One Size Fits All has started.

All smooth so far. Thereís one problem, thoughÖ Director Joost van der Wielís Amharic sucks big time!

Therefore the OSFA-crew is looking for a helping hand. Someone who can translate about seven hours of footage from Amharic to English or Dutch. Donít let the seven hours scare you away, we are (almost) equally happy with one translated hour. But obviously, in the end, we need seven of those.

Thatís a huge favor to ask. But it gets worse. Since we already exceeded our film budget, there will be no payment in hard cash. What we can do, though, is offer you a nice gift and front row seats at the premier of the film.

If you are, or know, the charitable translator we are looking for, please contact Joost van der Wiel at joostvdwielatgmaildotcom.