Soles of Ethiopia wins Drempelprijs 2010

Posted on July 4, 2010


And the (success) story continues… A jury of the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam has awarded director Joost van der Wiel with the ‘Drempelprijs 2010’ for his documentary Soles of Ethiopia.

The Drempelprijs is an annual award for the most promising academy graduate. For his recently launched documentary, Van der Wiel received a trophy and 5,000 euro of prize money.

The jury praised Van der Wiel’s professional attitude and his ability to shed a new light on a subject (Ethiopia) that has been taken on before by various documentary makers.

“He shows engagement, but is never sentimental or judgemental,” the jury said in their report.

Soles of Ethiopia is a documentary about Ethiopians and their shoes. Every pair reflects a unique and personal story about those who wear them.

The documentary shows that daily life in Ethiopia is not solely determined by the Big Problems (such as HIV/AIDS, war, corruption, famine and poverty), but merely by individual choices. For more information, visit the Soles of Ethiopia website.