Back in business

Posted on August 23, 2010


After some heavy protesting the Djiboutian business of stripping Ethiopia-bound cargo is freed from its monopoly. Or is it?

At Yard 15 in the old port of Djibouti City workers are stripping cargo in the steaming heat. Its a matter of hours before they return the un-stuffed containers to the container terminal at Doraleh Port. Meanwhile, fully packed trucks head for Ethiopia.
Its almost business as usual at Yard 15, a logistics centre that is rented out to the Djiboutian Freight forwarders Association (ATD) by the Djiboutian government. In the future we would like to have our own place, says Charmarke Askar Farah, managing director of transit company Logistics Services and a member of the ATD. But at least we are back in business.

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