Photoreport: Church burnings Jimma region

Posted on March 17, 2011


Evangelical churches and homes have been burnt down by mobs of Muslims in the southwestern Jimma region of Ethiopia. The attacks have left at least one person dead and approximately 7,000 displaced. More than 46 churches belonging to the Kale Hiwot Church and 23 belonging to other Christian groups have been burnt down. The exact number of torched Christian property still has to be determined. I went to the affected area to report: a photoreport from Asendabo, where attacks began after Qurans were supposedly violated in a Pentecostal church.

The Pentecostal Kale Hiwot Church in Jimma City shelters eighty Christian refugees in a tent

Remainders of largest Pentecostal church in Asendabo where conflict started after Qurans had been violated



Christian homes in Asendabo have been attacked by angry mobs as well

Remainders of construction site of new Christian church in Asendabo - daily laborers are said to have violated the Quran

'Peace meeting' held last Sunday, 13 March, was attended by hundreds of citizens of Asendabo

During the meeting evidence against church burners was collected and plans to rebuild churches and Christian homes were discussed

Thousands of Christians have left their home towns after the attacks, which according to the Ethiopian government were incited by a radical Islamic group called Kawarja

Imam Hadjima Mehamed Adem of Tofik Mosque in Asendabo says attackers were not his followers but radicalized youngsters from outside of town

Christian homes outside Asendabo in Jimma region have been torched as well

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