Ethiopian village expels female cutting

Posted on April 11, 2011


In a rural village in southern Ethiopia people are fighting the obstinate local tradition of female genital mutilation. More often young men marry uncut girls with the blessing of the Church and Mosque. “Unlike my mother, I enjoy full sexual feelings.”

“We would put two wooden poles in the ground and bind the girl’s legs to them,” says Radia Ledamo, a middle-aged woman from Senbata Lencho.

“The other women would hold her arms and head, but this couldn’t prevent things from getting messy: girls fought heavily when I cut them. I have miss-cut and hurt myself many times.”

Condemned cutting
Radia shares her experiences in great detail during a community discussion in the rural village of Senbata Lencho. She and other circumcisers have recently publicly condemned cutting practices.

“We, the mothers, have… Read more on the website of Radio Netherlands Worldwide.