Excellence in Journalism Award 2012 – Call for Entries

Posted on March 27, 2012


The Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Ethiopia (FCAE) is soliciting entries from talented Ethiopian journalists and awarding five prizes for excellence in writing (English and Amharic), radio reporting, photojournalism and student journalism. Prizes will include laptop computers and a top of the range digital camera. Winners will be honored at an awards ceremony on May 3, 2012 in Addis Ababa.

This year’s awards are sponsored by the British Embassy, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the German Embassy, the Embassy of the United States, the European Union Delegation to the African Union, and UNESCO.
The FCAE will accept entries published or broadcast in the Ethiopian private and public media.

There are five categories:
1. Print Amharic
2. Print English
3. Photography
4. Radio (transcription in English required)
5. Student journalism

● The contest is restricted to Ethiopian residents working for media in Ethiopia (except for the student journalism category.)
● All entries must represent work done between April 16, 2011 and April 15, 2012 and be submitted by April 20.
● One entry per person; individuals are allowed to enter in only one category. Entry is free.
Previous winners are eligible.
● Materials will not be returned. Winning entries may be published for promotional purposes

Entries will be judged according to the following criteria:
• Objectivity: Entries should be unbiased, balanced, and based on more than one source
• Impact: Entries should instigate reaction, debate and/or affect people’s lives
• Engagement: Entries should interest a general audience and engage the reader
• Analysis/investigation: Entries should demonstrate analysis, insight and investigation

All entries should be submitted with a statement of not more than 200 words explaining why you think your submission represents excellence in journalism. On the same document, provide your full name, mobile phone number and email address.

For writers:
Submit a photocopy of one story that has been published, in English or Amharic, in an Ethiopian publication or website within the specified time period. If the article is in another Ethiopian language, please send copies of the original story along with a typed translation in English or Amharic.
The story must be photocopied on A4 paper and the photocopy must show the paper’s banner (front), page of publication and date of publication. Please provide two copies.
For photographers:
Submit your single entry on a CD in high-quality JPEG format. Include a short caption about the photo including when and where the pictures were taken in a separate Microsoft Word document. Photos must be published. We reserve the right to ask for unedited images.

For radio reporters:
Please submit a CD containing the audio recording and a transcript (in the original broadcast language, along with an English translation) of a produced audio segment, either news or public service, that aired during the relevant period. The piece should be no less than three minutes and no longer than 29 minutes in length. Please provide full information about the times and programs on which the segment aired. Also, please provide the name of the radio station, its location and frequency, estimated listenership and the names of the producer, editor and anyone else involved in the production.
For student journalists:
University students should submit their original pieces which have been published in their campus newspaper or newsletter addressing an issue relevant to their university or surrounding community in its original format. If the original language is not English, a translation should accompany the original piece. Each entry should include a brief description explaining why their article is relevant and important to their university or community. Entries will be reviewed by a panel basedon objectivity, local impact, level of engaging writing, and analysis/investigation.
* * * *
All entries should be submitted by mail to FCAE, PO Box 29, Code 1110, Addis Ababa
Or in person at NCR Building, Meskel Square (across from Estefanos Church). Please call 0923 670 670 before attempting to deliver.
Questions? Email: excellenceinjournalismawardethiopia@gmail.com, or call 0913 415 322.

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